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Sorry all. I've given no time to this site in ages. Years of good intentions have flown by, but at least I've had time to enjoy my kids growing up. If people ever show an interest again I'll maybe move it to a WordPress or Tumblr site and get things rolling again. Just say the word.

November 2005

Launched the first version of the forum, but soon had to take it down due to spam and phishing attacks.

February 2002

Finally got round to giving the site a slightly more logical structure and put info about Whincops and info about free hosting for Whincops (and their ilk) on separate pages.

January 2002

Minor cosmetic changes. Spotted a few typos and such.

July 2001

S'all new. The site is born (chucked together) over a period of about four days, as and when I can find time to do it. I know it shows.

Suggestions or requests? Please get in touch.

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