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free hosting for whincops

the offer

If you are a Whincop, no matter where in the world you happen to be, you can have a free (as in 'free beer' - costs you nothing) email address and subdomain here on

For example, if you are called Joanne, you could have as your web site's URL (along with a ton of space you can FTP pages and files to), and [email protected] as your email address.

To get your free web space (up to 200 MB) and your free email address, please email me.

so what's the catch?

There really are no catches - no fees, no ads, and definitely no spam from me or associates. I will not share your info with anyone, for free or otherwise, unless the law says I have to.


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how to get a free subdomain or email address

If you're (near as damn it) a Whincop, then getting a or .org or .net subdomain or email address is fairly easy:

All you have to do is email me to let me know who you are, and that you are interested.


Something like this (you can copy and paste this into the email, if you like, and then edit the relevant bits):


Hi Chris

I'd like to take you up on your offer and get this email address:

[whatever you like goes here]

and this subdomain:

[whatever] [or .org or .net, if you prefer]

Best wishes,


[whoever] Whincop

<town/area, country you live in>


If you only want an email address, that's fine. Just say what you want. I'll then, of course, grant you your wish and write back using your new email address (which will forward all mail sent to it to your usual address).

Please do NOT assume that your email address is set up and working until a) you have heard from me and b) you've tested it for yourself. Just emailing me is not enough as I could have overlooked your request, or it could even have been filtered off as spam. If you haven't heard from me within a day or so, please try again. Thanks. If you still don't hear from me - my apologies. It very likely means that your messages are being blocked for some reason. If that's the case, please try emailing chrisDOTwhincop_NOSPAM_ATgmailDOTcom, taking out the _NOSPAM_ and replacing DOT with '.' (without the quotes).

caveats and disclaimers

Please note that the usual caveats and disclaimers of any free service apply - as a user of this service you get what you get and in using it (or this website) agree wholeheartedly that you never, ever, ever have any cause whatsoever for complaint, redress (financial or otherwise) or legal action against me, or any individual or company associated with me.

For my part, I do solemnly declare that I will never share with others any information you give me unless a) required to do so by law.

If at any time you notice anything on these pages that you would rather wasn't there, all you have to do is say, and I'll remove it.

spam and other net abuse

If you believe that a user of this free service is responsible for any kind of net abuse (has never happened yet!), please let me know. If there is any evidence of net abuse (spam, inappropriate website content, offensive emails, etc.), then that person's account will be suspended, pending appeal, at the earliest opportunity. Proven and willful offenders will have their accounts revoked.

Please email me, and put 'spam report', or whatever applies, in the subject line.

is it really free?

Yup. Free (if for personal or non-commercial use), and for the taking. So take. And enjoy.


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